Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ciao Bellas!!!

I'm home! And I've got lots to share with you!!
I don't want to bore you with sites and art and so on, but I MUST share some of the amazing things I saw with you!

These are the views of the Arno that we had from our hotel room in Florence!

After climbing the 463 stairs to the top of the duomo, this is what we saw. We could see all of Florence in every direction!! It was beautiful and worth the climb!

This is a photo from the Santa Maria Novella in Florence. It's one of the oldest perfumeries around!

After Florence we went to Pietrasanta, where we had rented a house. It's an adorable little town. Everyday mom and I would wake up and go to the vegetable lady and the bread lady and the rosticceria for everything we needed.

A picture of our bagno in Forte Dei Marmi. We rode our bikes there everyday.
One day we were there and there was an Italian woman next to us who barely new any english said "Tomorrow mi marito comes. He naci a new york e you e him can blah blah!" So the next day we met her husband who was very nice and spoke english. Then his wife, Betty, asked my sister and I how old we were and we told her and then she said she had two sons 16 and 18. When we came back from lunch one of her sons had arrived. He had a buzz cut and was wearing huge rimless black sunglasses and had huge earring. As we were walking back to our tienda Betty got very excited. Her husband introduced her son, he said, "This is Tomazo..." then both his parents go "Tommy!" And Tommy was quite embarrassed and focused on his lunch.
On the 10th we drove to Lucca for an Elton John Concert that was part of the summer concert series there.

He was great! His outfit was amazing. He was wearing a pinstripe tailcoat with large elaborate roses on the back and sleeves with pinstripe pants and black patent leather
slip - on clogs with metallic stars!
Later that week we drove to a small town called Tellaro which was by the sea. It was absolutely beautiful there.

As for shopping, we went to the Prada outlet outside of Florence. It's in a huge space the outlet and they've got all lines owned by Prada. My mom and I got some great things for very good prices!

I got this cropped Prada sweater for 130 euros

this Miu Miu skirt for 90 euros

The white flats on the left are Jill Sander that I got at the Prada outlet for 105 euros and on the right are a pair of Susie Mas Ballet flats that I got at this adorable store, called Zoe, in Pietrasanta for 85 euros!

I got this adorable hat at the Capelleria in Lucca for 15 euros!