Saturday, February 04, 2006

Welcome To My Blog!!

This Blog will tell you anything and everything about where to shop, designers, and much more!!!!
Be sure to check in during the big weeks of fashion!!
Fashion Week started today, it goes until february 10!!
Feel Free to leave comments with addresses of cute shops or websites and other things of that sort. Also, leave comments with models and designers to watch and see where they go!!

P.S. P and P stands for Pearls and Pants!!


Rachel C. said...

Sophia, I think you have a great idea. However, being the same age as you are, I find that some of the fashion suggestions you give (straight-off the runway looks from less wearable lines) to be unrealistic for our age group. I don't know about you, but my mom isn't going to pay to dress me head to toe in Stella McCartney and Marni. Nor am I willing to wear uncomfortable, impractical clothing to school and on the weekends. I wish you would incorporate more realistic and age apropriate items for a diverse range of prices. I've found that if one is truly chic, one doesn't have to be dressed from purely Bergdorfs and Barneys. I wouldn't wear many of the items featured in your bloggs because they're either overly expensive or completely inpractical. My suggestion to you is to look around, take run-way clothing, and find alternatives that are found in more accessable stores. I could find commentary on high fashion in Vogue or W if I wanted to.; But, what I really would like to be reading is advice from a fashionable girl who on day to day attire. I certainly hope that "the next Sophia Coppolla" has a further vision than high price designer labels or run-way shows.
good luck
-keds be cool

Rachel C. said...

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

By the way,
I would wear white and red striped leggings, with a brown tank long enough to be a dress, Uggs, and a white headband. Also, I would wear a necklace with gum drops on it. yum.

prettypearls said...

I love your blog. i read it a lot! i'm only 13 but i'm really into fashion. maybe you'd want to check out my blog at
your blog inspired me a lot to start my own. i know of a wonderful site with incredibly cute stuff and it's all under $15.
they're pretty in fashion i think.
well anyways i always enjoy reading your blog. keep up the awesome fashion
PP [pretty pearls]
PS: I'm so excited for spring, i hear bright bold colors are going to be all the new rage!

Anonymous said...

you just have comms c0z you were in teen vogue.i like your blog anyway but you should post more often.