Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Favorite Fall 2007 Looks

I want to thank The Walrus for this fantastic idea. As you all know its been fashion week and I wanted to share my favorite looks with you but, there were so many for one post that I decided to create a lookbook on It's a compilation of all my favorite looks from my favorite shows!
Check it out here!!



i absolutely love the marc jacobs look with the short gold dress and beret...have you gone to any fashion shows yet? i went to the isaac mizrahi one if you check out my blog...xox

Sophia said...

I love your blog and your great style. You are SO lucky you live in new york! have you been to any shows?

P.S. i recently created my fashion blog, any tips on getting recognized?

-ciao bella- said...

i adore the zero maria cornejo black dress on slide adorable with the sparkly hem. i love the malandrino slides you picked- the black and white dress was absolutely to die for.

THE WALRUS said...

You're welcome love!
I hope it warms up soon so we can go to SoHo without freezing our toesies off!!

Anonymous said...

Simply wondering why it took so long- 2 1/2 weeks, to write another post. Were you away or what?

une petite fille said...

your blog is so fantastic, and i adore your unique classy sense of style. definitely one of the best blogs. kudos!