Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How to Make a Boring Uniform More Interesting

Something that a bunch of us have to deal with 5 days a week for a bunch of months in a year is a boring uniform or intense dress code(I've had to deal with this one). So here are a couple of ways to fix up your school uniforms or dress code outfits!!
1. Accessorize
Add cool accessories like long or layered necklaces, a bunch of bracelets would be cool too. Also, scarves would be good. For example, something that looks like the McQ scarves(not necessarily McQ themselvesbut, something like that). AND you can add other little things like pins and rings. Try looking through your mom's old jewelry, you'll never know what you'll find!!
Here are some accessories that I would choose:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cherry Charm Watch Necklace
Convenient in to very important ways; 1. gives you the time, so you'll never be late to class! 2. Adorable and fun for any outfit.
get it here!

Urban Outfitters Travel Charm Necklace
Perfect for layering and super cute!
get it here!

Fred Flare Pirate Octupus Brooch
It's really silly looking but, it may be perfect for that boring uniform and your friends will probably love it!!
get it here!

Fred Flare Heart Button Ring
get it here!

Rachel Leigh Ribbon Charm Bracelet
I love these bracelets thy are adorable additions and they come in a bunch of different colors and charms!!
get it here!

Okay, moving on before I get crazy with accessories!!!
2. Shoes!!!
My pick would be an adorable pair of flats that would be a print, metallic or bright color. But, depending on your school's rules, some of those may not work. Just remember your shoes are probably the best way to make your uniform more interesting.
My shoe picks!

London Sole Low Cut Ballerinas, in Red Spot
I love these and London Soles are perfect for a day of walking from class to class. I would pick any pair of London Soles to pair with my uniform or dress code appropriate outfit!!
get them here!

London Sole, Low Cut Ballerinas, in Gold
I love gold flats, they go with everything and add extra shine to your outfits!!
get them here!

Keds Hipster Canvas Skimmer, shown in white
I love keds flats they're super comfortable and adorable!!
get them here!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Round Toe Slipper
I love there nauticalesc style and the color is adorable!!!
get them here!

3. Legwear
Tights and leggings that are patterned or colored are perfect for keeping you warm and making your outfit more interesting!!!

American Apparel Opaque Tights, available in more colors!
They also have stirrup tights, I'm currently wanting a black pair, that would be cute too!!!
get them here!

And of course the classic American Apparel Leggings, I love these in black, grey, and navy but, if you can pull it off try a color or a print!!
get them here!

Sparkle and Fade Solid Opaque Tights, available in more colors
get them here!

Solid Thermal Full Tights
Perfectly warm for the recent cold weather we've had!
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Sweater Knit Crochet Tights, available in more colors
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Splendid Thermal Pant, available in lots more colors
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Top Shop Opaque Net Spot Tights
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Topshop 50 Denier Opaques, available in more colors
All of their tights are perfect for adding something to your outfit!
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Good Luck!!
P and P


une petite fille said...

OH MY GOSH! this post was a HUGE help! thank you so much! i really will take a ton of your tips into consideration...especially some of the fabulous jewelry! i actually have that wishbone necklace from urban outfitters...anywho, thank you so much and again, this post was a HUGE help! thanks to you, i will be the trendiest one at school!

Anonymous said...

All these ideas are completely and utterly adorable. Thanks so much, your a doll!

Cee said...

I love this post.
I'm going to be a uniform-wearer soon, so this helps.

Anonymous said...

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la Belle et la BĂȘte said...

I love the Mac by Marc Jacobs necklace, and the london sole gold flats (i own a pair).Nice Blog

From Lily With Love said...

I love the cherry necklace and the octopus brooch. The polka dot flats are cool too.

Alison said...

I love all the flats and the knit tights, such great ideas!

Naomi said...

what a great post! I loved it!

i wear a uniform, so it does help!

Anonymous said...

thanks for thinking of the uniformees, however i would just like to say that some of us are not that fortunate in being able to wear whatever shoes or tights we want . . . so the post was alright but you definatly could have done better

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the other "anonymous" poster said. Some of us can't afford to wear most of the things you post on your blog. It's important to think of cheaper alternatives as well.

Other than that, I think your blog ideas are interesting =]

Miss V. said...

I love Marc's little cherry watch necklace and the shoes! Gorgeous! Too bad I'm not allowed to wear anything BUT my boring uniform :(

sara said...

those marc jacobs shoes are amazing.

postcardto5thavenue said...

wow your blog is amazing! i saw you in teenvogue, way cool!
post back if you can, im new!


-ciao bella- said...

i have a strict dress code as well and a lot of times, i like to dress up usually boring outfits with cute headbands and other hair stuff. great post. xx

THE WALRUS said...


I'm excited..xoxo

Anonymous said...

P and P
Thank you so so much! My school has a dress code and I'm beginning to get a bit depressed with it. These tips are just what I needed!!
Luella Gabbana Jacobs

VogueStrikeAPose said...

Super cute ideas! I hate uniforms and i've been wearing them since kindergarden. These are some really cute ideas.

In Vogue said...

i looove the marc jacobs flats. so cute!

Regina and Renee said...

Lovely blog. and i love all those shoes....flats are my life.


briana. said...

omygosh thank you so much for posting this..its only that half of the stuff that was featured i cant where. we where a uniform at my school and our principal does uniform checks every day so right before lunch we ake off all of our earrings, necklaces, etc.. so we dont get caught. its hillarious but i wish that they would at least let us wear something to spice the uniform up. when you stare at the same thing every day it becomes boring to look at.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog visit mine at lady-jay

Anonymous said...

what if you go to an uber strict catholic school and have to oly wear black lace up shoes and white knee high socks?? and a gay blazerr...??