Friday, April 27, 2007

Geek Chic

Love this look.
Who knew it was so cool?

Get the look:

J Crew Laura Femme Shirt

American Apparel Solid Rib Vest

J Crew Cuffed Seersucker Shorts

Urban Outfitters Shirred Vest

Dolce Vita Lace Up Shoes

McQ Suspender Shorts

J Crew Featherweight Cotton Sweater

Keds Champion Slip On

Trovata Shoreline Tunic Dress


-ciao bella- said...

I'm lovin that vest from AA! and those suspender shorts. xx

Purple Princess said...

The geek-chic look is still growing on me, but your choices helped it grow about a foot and a half. Thanks!

Une Petite Fille said...

I LOVE this look .. it is classy and chic and although geeky, super cool. I love those McQ suspenders and the Luella tee!

THE WALRUS said...

I've always loved it.
(probobly because i am a geek, as you know already)

I'm still pissed AA stole my idea.
You remember, I chopped the sleeves off of my AA cardigan months ago.

i can't believe i didn't copyright it..


fashionista said...

i LOOOOOVEEE those first luella shorts!

VogueStrikeAPose said...

I love the luella skirt. So cute<3333
Geek chick is definatly a look to consider this spring.

Moose on the Loose said...

love the last dress. fab for summer

Cordie said...

love the blog. i go to prep school soooo the geek look (searsucker, sweater vests) is always in. some manage to pull it off, others just look ridiculous. but hey, thats fashion.
check out my blog at
its a fashion blog. or anything else i feel like talking about.

Gater said...

see, those warnings were real. geeks are going to rule the earth.

Miss Shades said...

oh man, i love love love luella. she and marc jacobs kinda started the whole nerdie thing i reckon. danke to the both of them!

Moose on the Loose said...

I really want one of those GEEK! shirts from Luella. I love all of your picks. Great post!

sara said...

i LOVE all that stuff!
exept maybe those gold shoes a little too Ellen D. at the oscars for me.
and I really like those keds, I have that pair myself and just got the striped ones

x sara o

shaye said...

the Geek shirt!!! omg yessss.

Stella-Nicole said...

I too love the suspender shorts. I'll probably raid my little brother's closet and make my own. :P

The Redheaded Bandit said...

those clothes are absolutelu adorable. great style.