Sunday, May 27, 2007


Here are my Idols
Who are yours??

Chloe Sevigny
I admire her for her daringly chic sense of style and orginallity

Carine Roitfeld
Amazingly chic

Anna Piaggi
A character and original

Sofia Coppola
I absolutely love her. Not only she Marc Jacobs' muse, he's one of my absolute favorite designers, and incredibly chic, but she is an amazing director who's films I love

Kirsten Dunst
She isn't exactly an idol but, more of a style idol. I love her style and constantly I am inspired by it

I love her. She brought a freshness to fashion with her look


-ciao bella- said...

I love Sofia Coppola too. She's so classy and elegant and I love all of her movies.

THE WALRUS said...

your party was amazing,
i had so much fun!

VogueStrikeAPose said...

i love kristen dunst. shes so pretty <3

Bella said...

I love Kirsten Dunst...she is so original and chic, and twiggy is such an icon :)

purple princess said...

love! Twiggy's style she is so pretty! her outfits are gorgeous and all her color combos are original! LOVE THIS POST

Une Petite Fille said...

LOVE this post! I really really do, and I think you should continue to post this kinda stuff. Love Twiggy, Kirsten and Sofia as well, definitely some of my fashion icons too Xx

fashionista said...

kirsten dunst looks so gorgeous in that second pic with the black dress

purple princess said...

i dont heart sofia coppolas movies, but I like her style& i heart mark jacobs

Anonymous said...

Chloe Sevigny dress would make a great skating dress. <3 P&P!!

l a r a s ;) said...

i love twiggy and kirsten dunst too.
they're so inspiring.

btw, i really heart you blog!
would you mind if i link your blog into mine?

nice to know you!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Twiggy is my favourite