Monday, September 17, 2007

Fashion Week

This year I was lucky enough to attend two shows during fashion week here in New York! It was the best day! At the show, I met some of my favorite people in fashion like, Johnson Hartig, and my idol Carine Roitfeld! The first show I went to was Rodarte, which has been named the best collection shown in New York. Laura and Kate Mulleavy did a beyond amazing job with the collection. They really are an amazing pair and the most incredible thing is that they are both self - taught, they learned to sew and design by reading old books on the subject! The collection was a fantastic mixture of dreamlike meets fairy tale princess dresses with amazing detail and great separates in great shapes and materials ironically paired with stilettos embellished with metal studs or zippers. It was so free spirited and inspiring. I loved it!

And just when you thought the show was over two men in black suits came out and opened the doors to the freight elevator and standing inside were three models in beautiful evening gowns! It was incredible!

I was standing outside waiting to meet the person I was going to the show with and I met and had my picture taken by The Sartorialist!! I was in shock the rest of the day, it was amazing to meet him because I adore his blog and work for and I think the looks he finds are so inspiring!


emily said...

omg that's SO cool.
could you post a link of the picture?
or at least say what date it was and which one you were?

Moose on the Loose said...

Lucky. You are so so lucky. That's all I can say. I will look for you on!

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Can you say "absolutely the luckiest girl in the whole entire universe"? I wish I was you! The collection is goregeous, too -- must have been even more goregeous in person! I'll keep an eye out for you on as well! Keep up the amazing posts -- your blog is my fashion bible!


Bella said...

Oooo I'm so jealous of you!!! You got to see an amazing collection and got your pic from the satorialist...geez girl...:)

chic freak said...

the collection is amazing..especially the pink evening gown.

olimpiA said...

ther third look is amazing and also the dresses

Blooming Berets said...

Are you the girl in the black? I looked on sartorilast and that ws the only one that want a man or a women over 20

Anonymous said...

The collections are amazing; you're so lucky!

I realize this is very ignorant of me, but how do you get tickets for a fashion week show? Do you have to be invited?