Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Must See

A few months ago I saw "Man on Wire" during the Tribeca Film festival. It is a documentary about famed French wire walker, magician and artist, Philippe Petit. Somehow Petit and my dad became friends and my dad even helped him with the St. John the Divine walk here in New York City. The documentary focuses on the planning and preparation for Petit's walk across the World Trade Towers. It was an incredible process and the way that he chose his team for such an event was so random, but at the same time made perfect sense. Some how Petit brought together the perfect team to help him carry out the walk. People who were willing to help Petit carry out his daring and illegal performance and later face the consequences. After the walk, Petit and his team were arrested .

Honestly it is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. The footage from the walk is just so beautiful and his passion for what he does and was doing is so inspiring. I've never walked away from anything feeling so in awe and inspired by one person. Sitting in the theater, watching the footage from the actual walk as weel as the way in which Petit tells the story just blew me away. I know it may sound crazy but the whole thing was so moving in a way that I can't really describe. I think it part of it was that he was so passionate, fascinated and daring that he risked death to perform for people, his favorite thing, and also his fascination and love for the towers.
It is really an amazing film and I highly recommend seeing it when it comes into theaters on August 15. It is, as a review says, "Exhilarating"!

Petit during the WTC walk. (photo credit:

(photo credit:
Petit during one of his performances in Washington Square Park. He still performs there from time to time so if you're passing by, keep an eye out for him!!


charmandluck said...

this is amazing. im tottally going to go see it !

Anonymous said...

It's great that you were so inspired by someone whose passion is so different from your own.

The Redheaded Bandit said...

Oh, I totally want to see that!!!~redheaded bandit/swiss girl
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Jay said...

amazing{ inspration and its sooooo nice to see you back{ I know its weird but your the reason i started my blog, because i loved yours so much!

El Notable said...

I have heard about the documentary and would love to see it! I must admit I am really afraid of heights so it is a totally terrifying thing for me to see hahhah