Monday, September 18, 2006


I've always loved L.A.M.B. I think the clothes are original and cute(some of them). Anway I loved the spring 2007 line, and I think her fall clothes are adorable too.
Here are my favorites:

Cowboy Cardigan

get it here

Cool Microphone 3/4 Sleeve Fleece top

get it here

Jaguar Fleece Hoodie

get it here

Sweetheart Blazer

get it here


Queen of Gossip said...

Luv these too- specially the first one!

Carissa said...

That first cardigan is lovely. Gwen Stefani does produce quite some interesting and eclectic pieces; surprising for a celebrity designer!

mcbelle said...

Luv the first cardigan, tres chic. Great post!

Love Mel xoxoxo said...

i looooove the blazer! though i always thought that some of her clothes were a tad bit weird... go to my blog! at

NYC ydney said...

Cute blog! Check mine out too, were around the same age.

My Teen Vogue said...

O.K. LOVE all of it! Come vist and leave me a comment!

Callie Jo said...

I love your blog! L.A.M.B is incredible. Have a splendid day!