Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fab Fall handbags

This fall there are some fabulous handbags out there. Unfortunately they may not be in all of our price ranges but, hey we can still dream..right?!? Some designers with great bags are Chloe(as always), Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, and more!!
my favorites:

Chloe Small Paddington Satchel
Bergdorf Goodman

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Satchel
Bergdorf Goodman

Yves Saint Laurent Muse Bag
Bergdorf Goodman

Marc Jacobs Hudson Bag
Bergdorf Goodman

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag

Anna Corinna Mini City Tote


mcbelle said...

love, love, love them.

especially the marc jacobs one.


morgan said...

Like them a lot but I am rather partial to red handbags

Sunniva said...

I am so addicted to handbags...loooove every single one of them!


CoutureCure said...

i love that chloe.

Anonymous said...

I love these bags I have a similar one to the Marc Jacob's Sachel but from Topshop so way cheaper but I love these bags and your site
Have Fun and Laugh Lots

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! check out our blog!! we are the twins you WANT to know, believe me. for serious.

Anonymous said...

Hey! i wanted to let u know that i added u to my links list. If that is not cool let my knew? Kay- Bye- and come vist me at!

alanna said...

put up a new post soon, i love the paddington

Anonymous said...

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Marina (from France)

Carissa said...

The little blue Marc is adorable.

Anonymous said...

The Paddington looks so pretty in that color!

Anonymous said...

I'm falling out of love with slouchy bags (the amount of imes i have lost my keys....)and in love with stiff ones like the muse. On a purely practical basis. There's one in my granny's cupboard that i would die for...

Anonymous said...

hey me and my friends saw you in teen vougue and got inspired!!!! luvv the chloe adorable!!


Anonymous said...

I love the paddignton bag! It's such a nice color