Monday, November 20, 2006

Teen Vogue online

The panoramic shot of my room went up on today!!!!!
Heres the link if you want to take a look;

click here to see it

P and P


Carissa said...

I must admit, I'm very envious of your room!

Marissa said...

That has always been my dream. Unfortunately my room is never clean.

Marissa said...

Sorry that I'm commenting again, but, wait maybe you already have, you should do a post on what it was like. Do they give you the clothes to wear or do you just wear your own, I've always wondered, anyway congrats your room is amazing. I got lots of tips from it.

Bella said...

I loved the lips cover sheet, you room is so cute!

Anonymous said...

i like the eye pillows.

Anonymous said...

where are they from?

Cool Like Chloe said...

i love your room. your so lucky to be in teen vogue.

Anonymous said...

Love it! totaly want your room. Come

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome that Teen Vogue actually came to your house. So lucky!

Anonymous said...

heyy there! i saw ur room in teenvogue and decided to take a look at ur bloggie. gosh, i love ur room fully! n i'm doing a fashion blog too. maybe we can talk (=



Anonymous said...

Thats amazing. Haha; you've certainly inspired me to make a blogger, and im thinking of doing a fashion themed one.
Just know that youve inspired many people.

Btw - I love your room! :]

Ladyboss said...

oww,i saw your room in teen vogue
lucky you and your pretty room

Anonymous said...

I saw your room in Teen Vogue a couple of months ago and it's easily the best out of all the "A Room of my Own" I pretty much love everything about it and couldnt wait until the panoramic view came up so checked out your blog and it inspired me to make my own which is no way near as good as yours it's just bits and bobs i randomly put together with a little help from other peoples blogs which could be cheating but i hope not as I added a little London twist of my own
I hope you don't mind but I added you to my Links List
So envious of your room by the way

Anonymous said...

your room is really great. it is stylish and fun and so unique. it is my dream room and i adore it. and i am also just like you, i am a neat freak! well anyway, your room is fabulous and cute and i love it.

Anonymous said...

Omg, your room is fab! I love your bedsheets, they are so great!
Plus you're super lucky to be in TeenVogue!

Anonymous said...

Omg, your room is fab! I love your bedsheets, they are so great!
Plus you're super lucky to be in TeenVogue!
Your blog is so cool too :)

sweetandsimple said...

your room is so cute and did you just love that little photoshoot? how did you get your room on teenvogue anyways? are those your clothes or do they like dress you up and do your hair or something? i bet it was fun.

CoutureCure said...

That outfit you wore in TV is fab.
i expeccially love the flats.

Anonymous said...

Hello :]
I saw your room on TV and may i just say, it's fabulous!
I thought I'd take a quick peep at your blog, keep up the good work!

Feel free to check mine out anytime you want.
It's a little bare at the moment but i'll update it regulary.



discothequechic said...

your bulletin board looks fantastic.

and I'm in love with your eye cushions!

Wells done to whoever invented this feature in TeenVogue! I always flick to the back page first.

S xx

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your room! I especially love your bed. Where did you get your headboard??? <3

Anonymous said...

your room is really gorgiousss im so jealous. i actually found this site by a link off teen vogue.

Anonymous said...

heyy i just saw your room at teen and i must say that i loved it!! i wish i had decorating skills like that.. i absolutely love the sheets that you have! where's you get them!?

well comment back or something!


Love Mel xoxoxo said...

where did u get your bulletin board?!? i love it! i cant find one anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw you in teen vogue! amazing!
my room looks nothing like your's but I can always wish!

Anonymous said...

Hey We Have a tonne in common! although Im 15 and i dunno how old you are. But your really cool and If you have a myspace please add me

or on msn

Anonymous said...

i luv your room! it inspired me! i read your blogs and you have great fahion sense! check my blog out at

Anonymous said...

Hi I saw your room in Teen Vogue and its fantastic-but i have a problem. i've been looking EVERYWHERE for your silver based table lamp and was wondering if you could tell me where you got yours from..?
it would be really appreciated! :)

Anonymous said...

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