Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love With Marc Jacobs

Two weeks ago was New York Fashion Week, my favorite week of the entire year, and I was lucky enough to tag along to both Marc Jacobs shows with my godmother!!
At Marc by Marc the energy was high as the first model came down the runway in a mod mini dress paired with a beret, sunglasses, black tights, and Jacobs' version of the combat boot. While sticking with mostly a palette of dark blue, black, and grey, there was an occasional yellow, pink, red, and even green plaid. I would have loved to have been a model in this show. The energy, the clothes, the music, everything was amazing!! And to the surprise of the audience MJ is now donning midnight blue hair, which looks really good and works...who knew?
Check out the full show here:

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Some Favorites:

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This look is definitely my favorite look of the entire collection. The fluorescent bag with the coat is genius.
At the end of the show I got to go backstage with my godmother where she said hello to Marc and he kissed her on the cheek and said "You're the bomb". Then she introduced me and in the moment of excitement I got a kiss on the cheek too!!! I have to admit, not only was I flipping out, but I nearly didn't wash my face that night.

After much pinching and blinking, I finally realized I was at the Marc Jacobs show. There was no better way to have ended NY Fashion Week than with this show. If you took the energy from the Marc by Marc show and multiply it by the absolute highest number you can think of and you'll get the energy of the Marc Jacobs show. Only 17 minutes after the call time of 7pm Sonic Youth struck the first note of "Jams Run Free". Cabaret seating and huge, high stage served as the runway. Behind was a screen projecting a mix of images crossed by a single scaffolding. Since the Marc Jacobs show is never an ordinary runway show, the models lined up on the scaffolding instead of all coming out at the end.

The collection itself consisted of clean cut pieces, great sweaters coats and colors ended with crazy gowns in pastel velvets and metallics. All paired with either brightly colored hats, metal chokers, feather hair pieces, and other sorts of head - things.
Check it out:

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The End:


Marie-Kristine said...

ahhh! you have no idea how insanely jealous of you i am right now! not only did you get to go to the show, you got to meet marc? you have some serious connections girl.
keep updating the blog, it's one of my favorites.

Jennie said...

Wow, darling, I am very jealous.
Marc Jacobs is a god, and I would die if I ever met him.
You are very lucky!
By the way, who IS your godmother?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Anonymous said...

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c.lorraine said...


Lauren said...

Wow, you are so lucky! I loved the Marc by Marc show, especially all the plaid and those green lace up shoes.

Anonymous said...


Cate said...

wow you are soooooooo lucky!!! you got to the show AND backstage!!! i wonder the same as jennie: who IS your godmother? I love Marc Jacobs too.

Anonymous said...

this is irrelevant to the post, which was cool by the way, but anyways, do you happen to know what the designer or brand of those necklackes with the round colored circle dot are? i've been seeing a lot of people around with them lately and i feel like i should know what they are.. maybe you do

NonchalantMod said...

i am speechless, i have nothing to say, for you have accomplished one of my life time goals./I think we all know what that is!

maveri_ck<3 said...

you should get the marc jacobs and luois vuitton dvd i just got it yesterday and i watched it twice already! it makes you appreciate and love marc even more!

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blandino said...

Im new here, and I have to say I just love love your blog. I saw you in teenvogue a few years ago and have always kept tabs on this site. The marc show must have been amazing !

Anonymous said...

oh my! marc jacobs! you're so lucky! i wish i lived somewhere fabulous too..

MoneyMakingMitch said...


This blog is too amazing.
TOO TOO amazing.


ITZ 4REAL said...

Another Marc Jacobs fan!!! I'm glad you share my sentiments. Thanks for sharing the photos.