Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cold Weather Dressing

Inspired by the recent drop in temperature here in New York. For all you New Yorkers and everyone in cold areas here are some great cold weather clothes and accessories. Its a little late in the season but, I guess the cold was going to reach us sometime soon and why not be chicly prepared?

Eugenia Kim Miki Beret
Scoop NYC

Eugenia Kim Meredith Beret
Scoop NYC

Fogal Torino Ribbed Wool Tights

Marc by Marc Jacobs Felted Stripe Hat and Scarf

Marc by Marc Jacobs Solid Wool Twill Coat

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jasper Check Jacket

Striped Fleece Lined Mittens
Urban Outfitters

American Apparel Winter Leggings
American Apparel
P and P


Bella said...

I live in CA, and its getting so cold here,so I cant imagine how cold it must be in NY! I love the 1st couple of hats, and the plaid marc jacobs jacket is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

like the hats! I saw your room on teen vogue. Where did you get your duvet cover? I've looked everywhere for one.

ambika said...

This makes me feel *slightly* better about the snow that fell yesterday.

une petite fille said...

i love the new look to your blog. really great. also, even though im in LA...brr it is chilly! i adore the marc jacobs jackets.

France said...

This blog looks like mine...Nice colors..lol


Bloom said...

It's great to see more earthy tones again ^__^ and it's reassuring that someone cares for the world's warmth! :D Great selections as always =)

Eritia said...

All of that is adorable!

Lauren said...

i'm a londoner and i'm going to new york in february but was wondering what shoes you'd recommend seeing as the weather is so cold?!
please help!

sara said...

I love those tights and that Marc Jacobs Jacket.