Saturday, January 27, 2007

Romantic Chic

This season the feminine romantic look has been very in. From blouses with lace to dresses with ruffels it seems as if we've been channeling Marie Antoinette. I absolutely love this look!!!

Sparkle and Fade Wide Lace Tank
Urban Outfitters

Kimchi & Blue Afternoon Tea Doby Dress
Urban Outfitters

Lux Silk Chiffon Accordion Skirt
Urban Outfitters

Velvet Lisa Tunic

Joie Embroidered Dot Beauty Queen Dress

Frannie Edie Mini Dress



i adore the black eyelet dress (and it would look really cute with bright wool tights in winter and barelegged in summer!)

une petite fille said...

i love this look...perfect for spring! your blog is by far one of the best out there...keep up the awesome work, i am such a fan! xx

OMGFashionQueen said...

i love all of them....they are adorable! can't wait for spring now!

Anonymous said...

What store did you get the eye pillows.

Same with the lips on the duvet cover.
email me at

Cee said...

They are all cute.
i especially love the accordion skirt.

Laura said...

Hey! ermm I saw your room on the teenvogue website. I adore it!! I love room design and yours is veyr well done :) hehe
ermm.. anyways come visit my site sometime if you'd like we're about the same age too, so if you like to add my on msn that'd be okay, just tell me in my site guestbook!

Regina and Renee said...

wow...all of these are faboulous! they all show off the models figures, but they also leave alot to the!!!


keepinitR3AL said...

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Pure Couture said...

I love love LOVE the first, black shirt. It is so cute!

The Evil Kitten said...

I like these looks, but how expensive are they? It would be cool to see how much these brands/designers/stores are charging. Especailly if they are reasonably priced.

Kat said...

I really like the Urban Outfitters tank and velvet tunic. Very pretty!

Lovely blog (and room), btw!

Alison said...

I really love the first tank, so gorgeous and feminine!

Anonymous said...

has ur blog always been purple? its always shown up white on my compuper....i knda liked it...but purples good too! maybe you changed it ... hmmm...

sara said...

I love the skirt and the black dot dress.

♥ And More ♥ , Fashionista said...

Love it! ♥ It's so flippin' CUTE!