Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mini Dresses!!

Mini dresses are absolutely my favorite things ever. They came in in early fall and it looks like they're here to stay!! I am so excited because I adore them!!! Whether paired with tights and flats, boots, or heels or(in warmer months) flats or sandals, they'll always be adorable and chic.
My picks:

Velvet Laylee Sleeveless dress

Velvet Dori Dress

Lux Folklore Mini Dress
Urban Outfitters

Marc by Marc Jacobs Le Tigre Print Wool Voile Dress


Anonymous said...

Hiii! Omg i share your love of mini dresses! They are so cute and i only have one right now of my own but i would definatly love to expand my collection! I would love to visit New York someday like it seems llike such a fashionable placee:) I come from Canada and so we dont have as many designer stores here but i definatly love fashion and keep myself updated with all of the designers!

Miss V. said...

It's minidresses that make me want to go on a crazy diet. I love the first dress, classic but cute.

x sara o said...

Hey I've been looking at your blog since like December. I saw your room in Teen Vogue, really cute.

x sara o

my blog- sun and tan

J said...

Mini Dresses are absolutely amazing. Of course you've probably seen the Chole ones, which i believe top them all.

Anyways, I was on the teenvogue website and saw your "a room of my own." I wanted to say i admire your style. I think it's very original and unique.

la Belle et la BĂȘte said...

Hey, love the minidresses, especially the Marc Jacobs and Urban Outfitters. I saw you on Teen Nice Blog!

My blog- La Belle et La BĂȘte

elle-rose said...

hey there - i as well am canadian (like anonymous) and i also saw your article "room of my own" in teen vogue. your really lucky, that article definitely gave your blog a ton of exposure - well done hun! anyways, i love mini dresses too, i often wear big sweaters or shirts as mini dresses, because its a really inexpensive way to follow the trend. anyways check out my blog its about fashion too!

une petite fille said...

thank god for mini dresses. adore the marc jacobs and the urban outfitters especially. i practically LIVE in mini dresses (wearing one right now.) anyway, your blog is really fantastic. i totally admire your sense of style and i find we have a ton in common, so come check out my blog,

Anonymous said...

Hi,I just wanted to say that you have a really great sense of style and I love all of the mini dresses you have on your blog,have you ever checked out the dresses at American Apparel?

Bella said...

Minidresses are definitely here to stay! They are classy, versatile pieces!! I own like five, but I want more! ♥ Bella