Sunday, August 27, 2006

Aerie by American Eagle

So I'm not a big American Eagle fan but, I do love the Aerie stuff. Especially the thermal henlies!! Looking for cute and fun stuff for good prices? Aerie is perfect.
A few of my faves:

Printed Waffle Henly

Silky Cami

My best friend has the silky cami in navy...I love it.

Plaid Cami

Plaid Cami


CCC said...

Hey Sophia...
Yeah... I really like Aerie too!
Especially the henley...So Cute!
Luv from

CCC said...

I think you started a new trend in these blogs!
There are so many new ones suddenly(including mine:))
luv from

CCC said...

I swear this is my last entry 2day!
Great room in Teen Vogue!
Could you give me any tips on how to improve my room????
Visit me at
Luv from

londonfashion said...

i am quite a fan of american eagle. Which tee and which shoes do you like on my blog?

*Brown Eyed Girl* said...

american eagle is pretty cool. just u happen to like forever 21?

danya said...

i loveeeee aeire. especially the henley! my friend came up with lace&leggings and then i saw your blog as pearlsandpants and i was OH NO!!! but whatever.

costumejewels said...

i agree with ccc, i seen your blog written up in teen vogue and i thought you had a really slammin style so i thought id check out your blog and i made my own. Aerie is a really nice line!! i like some of american eagle stuff but some stuff is really plain, i like their t-shirts though, really comfy and loose fitting.