Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sweater Dresses

Hello Everyone,
Sorry I didn't write earlier. I woke up and ran straight to Volleyball practice :(
So right now I'm loving sweater dresses. I think they are fabulous for any age!!
Here are my favorites:

Not exactly a dress but, still really cute!!
Vince Cable Knit V Neck Sweater

Get it here

Alice & Olivia Cashmere Sweater Dress, (available in more colors)

Get it here


Queen of Gossip said...

luv the second one! polka dots :)

bulletproof--snow[x] said...

Okay. I absoultly love these dresses to.
But i also had to post because I read about
you in "Teen Vouge" in 'A room of my own'
So anyways. I thought that was so sweet.

Alison said...

i love the sweater dress, but i'm not so sure i could pull it off. I'm super petite and i'm afraid a sweater dress will swallow me :( great blog!

Dana said...

LOVE THEM! they are soo adorable, but i wouldnt be able to pull them off. For one, i dont own anything like them, and two, i am waiting till im famous to wear things like that!