Friday, August 18, 2006


Hey everyone...If you know anything about computers this is for you:
a half an hour ago my computer deleted half of my iTunes music if any of you know what to do or what may have happened or if there is anyway to get my music back please let me know!!

P and P

P.S. if you know anyone who's good with computers too


~*~Maggie~*~ said...

umm a similar thing happened to me once but i cant remember how to get it back...sorry soph :( anyhoo, im still waiting for my take your time

Fashion Is My Style said...

You could go to music folder and go into the itunes folder (which is in your music folder) and your music should be in there. Hopefully that works! Let us know if you get your music back!

Fashion Is My Style said...


Can you add me to your links please? If you could that would be very cool!

Plain Jayne said...

Hopefully fashion is my style helped you solve your problem! I just wanted to know if I could add you to my links list because I love your blog so much!

VoguesBeauty said...

Hello! Got myspace?

I saw tou in Teen Vogue!

Cool bedroom by the way!

I love the owl pillow and the eye one.

Im getting my room done up soon, and im going to ask my mum too do i a pillow like that!

Looked cool =]