Friday, August 18, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello Everyone!! Here are a few of my newest obsessions for prices that will make you smile!!!!

Paul & Joe for Target Owl Thermal
For the oh so reasonable price of $16.99 you can have this super cute thermal to pair with anything from dresses to jeans!
  • buy it here

  • Paul & Joe for Target Gold Charm necklace
    Why splurge on a necklace equally as cute when you could have this one for $14.99?
  • click here to buy

  • Soda Pop Lip Smackers Set, $10 for a set of 5!!
    I love lip smackers and always will they are by far my favorite things in the world!!
  • get them here

    londonfashion said...

    Saw you in teen vogue and visited your site. Just wanted to say how great it is

    mcbelle said...

    I adore your selections! I would definately wear the owl thermal and gold charm necklace! I also have to agree that Lip Smackers are amazing! great job! -xoxo

    Fashion Is My Style said...

    I love the owl thermal and the necklace! I also love lip smackers and I have a whole collection of them!

    xHersheyKisses said...

    Hey I saw you in Teen Vogue like everyone else! Your website is amazing. I'm just starting a fashion blog, but I dont know how to put up pictures. Can you help me? Thanks so much


    Mixed & Matched said...

    I've been trying to get my friends hooked on thermals, maybe now they'll see the light.

    Your blog is great by the way.

    yuckyducky10 said...

    yup, i saw you in teen vogue. is being in the mag a big deal? did they ask u if they could put your site in there? its a good thing. i love thermals. and all the other stuff u put on here. its like, exactly my style. only better. blah blah blah ill stop rambling now.

    Plain Jayne said...

    J'adore the thermal! I have a thermal with owls on it that I got last year, and I'm so happy it still fits. And I remember collecting Lip Smackers when I was younger. I think I even had the Dr. Pepper... Love them!

    Sarah said...

    ouuu, i like the charm necklaces, very nice.
    you have a awesome blog, love it.

    londonfashion said...

    saw you in teen vogue just wanted to ask you to leave a comment on my site because you are like a celebrity with my friends. London loves you!!!

    ~*~Maggie~*~ said...

    I as well love the lip smackers. I have orange crush and 7-up and dr. pepper. they are definately worth the money

    Queen of Gossip said...

    luv the lipsmackers. i want the dr.pepper one so bad!