Monday, August 21, 2006

Skulls in Fashion

I'm not sure why but, I sort of love the whole skull thing. From Alexander McQueen's skull scarf to necklaces that have skull pendants, I think they're not that creepy but, sort of funny...

Skull earrings any one??
Skull earrings($12)
Fred Flare

Rachel Leigh Skull Necklace($124)

Dogeared Gold Protection Skull Necklace($90)

Disney Courture Skull & Cross Sword Necklace($75)


Plain Jayne said...

I like skulls too, but only on accessories. I love the beaded necklace you chose. It's very cute. Good picks!

Claudia said...

I love skulls! I recently went on a trip to Tokyo and they were everywhere. Of course I picked up a few accessories and shirts featuring skulls.

OpuLav said...

Nice choice once again =] I hit 200 hits! Haha, that's, like, nothing for you but whatev.

Nat said...

I just saw your room in teen vouge,nice! I love skulls too they go with almost everything

TheVogueSkeleton said...

Skulls are a great accessory, they grunge up a girly outfit which I can always go for! Good picks

Dana said...

I absolutley love the skull idea too. I think that it adds an edge to any piece of clothing. like thegrungeskeleton said, they do grunge up a girly outfit.

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