Sunday, August 06, 2006

School Shoppping!!!(sort of)

The other day I did a little browsing for school and got some super cute stuff!!!
My favorite purchase was a pair of dark blue J Brand skinny Jeans! If you want the perfect pair of skinny jeans, J Brands are the best they are cute, comfortable, and super flattering!
Another was a simple petit-bateau striped long sleeve tee. Also a plaid shirt, from the company Bell by Alicia Bell, which appealed to me for some reason but, I wouldn't have chosen it without the help of my fabulous mother, Sharon Simonaire-if you are, or someone you know, is interested in interior design her web site is!!!!

P.S. I picked up the J Brands at Henri Bendel, and the petit bateau tee and plaid shirt from Barney's Co - op


Queen of Gossip said...

Hey I read about your blog in Teen Vogue and I love it! You can check out my fashion/celebrity gossip blog at

OpuLav said...
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OpuLav said...

Hey! Just copy and paste the tag and instead of "Intuition" (or whatev), you type in "Opulent Lavender" or whatever, and instead of "", you type in the url of w/e page you want. (ex: "") Make sure you leave in the "" marks


Fishstick Proportions said...

Hey, I found out about your blog through Teen Vogue, and I must say it's enjoyable. I like that you throw in some advice and enough room to let readers decide what they think of certain looks for themselves. By the way, you have no idea how grateful I am to you for introducing me to! Keep writing and I'll keep reading. :)

~*~Maggie~*~ said...

hey i read about your blog in the super huge issue in teen vogue! lol anyways i love your room and if you want you can check out my blog. or you can emal me i would love that!

i love fashion said...

I also found your blog through teen vogue! Cute Room! im new to the blogs...Check mine out

anushka said...

Saw you in teen vogue babe. You're great and I love your room. :D

i love fashion said...

thanks i will try j brand!

OpuLav said...

Heyyy purly. =] I can see it! Thanks, dahl! When are you leaving?


OpuLav said...

Aww, gonna miss yah! Where are you going? [Have fun!]

Gloria said...

wow. you must be loaded. I don't know any 9th graders who shop at Henri Bendels AND Barney's Co-Op.

At any rate, I'd probably be too scared to go in there. :p

Anyway congrats on your mention in Teen Vogue.

Life is better in the South said...

Wow! I looked at your Mom's website,
she IS amazing! My mom majored in interior design but when she became a mother decided to quit and now she homeschools me and my brother.
My older sister is a freshmen in college and she is majoring in Interior design as well.
As for me....I have no idea!
Love the blog!