Saturday, August 05, 2006

Favorite Bands at the Moment

I know this is a primarily fashion blog but, I had to share with you my two favorite bands at the moment!!!!!
The first is Snow Patrol. I found them half through a friend and half on my own! I love their current album, which is entitled Eyes Open, I listen to them everyday and they're really cool. Check their album out!!

The second is The Strokes. I didn't really know about them until they were on Saturdy Night Live and after SNL I loved them. Their music is amazing, I love it!!! So, if you haven't heard them go listen to them!!!


Coco said...

haha yes the strokes are supa amazing. But anyway i love your blog it's adorable. oo and Keds are like the greatest shoes ever especially if you want something fashionable, comfy, and cheap.


OpuLav said...

Hey purly! Congrats on all of the hits! I only have 192 hits, but it seems like so much to me, but compared to you: pshh!! Lmfao!! Hey, I never checked out The Strokes, but I will. I think you should definitely listen to "The Cure" (my ALL-TIME fave!!!) FredFlare turned me on to 'em =] My mom even knows them, I think she was a die-hard fan or something! They are sooo incredibly awesome

love yah!


courtjayne said...

both bands are very good, i agree! i'm also loving keane at the moment.