Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Website

I found this really cute site called

Lulu's Fashion Lounge

but, you can't take pictures from it for some reason. They have lots of really cute stuff including this adorable


that was brought as a possible thing for me to wear for A Room of My Own! Also, they're


is super cute and funky especially, the


. Enjoy!!!


Chantell C. said...

hey! Gurl! i read about you in teen Vogue or something! i luv your site and want to make one like it! it is so cool! bibi luv ya!xox

sweetandsimple said...

I was wondering if I could talk to you a little more on some specific clothing that is trendy now. So maybe i can get your email, to talk to eachother. that would be really great.

The Darling Life of Eliza said...

hello. i saw u in teen vogue u look very cool(i love ur room):)
i live kinda near u, in westchester ny well...
i love ur site, u have great taste!

Hoodies and Jeans said...

I found ur blog when i was reading my teen vogue issue and i just love it. So i decided to make one of my own. thankz alot now i can express my fashion sense.

OpuLav said...

Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while! I'm in upstate New York! How are you! If you have e-mail, or AIM or something, let me know? I wanted to ask you how you got into TeenVogue for a room of my can respond on my blog if you want, and I can dfelete it after i read it, if you want. Or you can IM or email me...if you want =]. You can delete this (if you want=]) Haha, I gotta shut up.

bearbitez said...

speaking of a room of my own, i was wondering where you got your bed sheets from! the one with the eyes and lips. they are very stylish! thanks keep up the good work BYE!

polos and pashminas said...

i seen your room in tenn vogue.
it was very pretty & your outfit was super duper.
did they give you it or did you have to buy it?

polos and pashminas said...

and please could you link my blog?
the address is
that would be so nice, i'll do yours on mine if you want?

Janey said...

omg i have the same ? as bearbitez!
im redoing my room and getting new bedding and i absolutely ADORE all your billows and comforter.. any chance you could post where you got them if you dont mind?